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What the project Freeduc-USB is not:

Pecularities of Freeduc-USB

Freeduc-USB is a family of fast live USB sticks. They come as an appliance, without a hardware backbone. Just plug a Freeduc-USB stick into a laptop or desktop computer, and let it boot itself. Half a minute later you get an educational appliance based on free software. Freeduc-USB allows a nomadic usage of educatioanl applications. As the software is free, there are no legal barriers preventing its scalability.

Under the hood of Freeduc-USB

Here is a sketch of the software sources which were are used to build Freeduc-USB

Structure of a Freeduc-USB key

A Freeduc USB key has two partitions, one for data which should be seen from every system, the other one which contains the internals of Freeduc-USB, customisations, and user data which sould not be accessed from every system.Hre is a more technical description of the partitons:

Published Freeduc-USB releases

Making a new release of Freeduc-USB is now a few hours's task, thanks to the package freeduc-usb which is maintained as a free software (license: GPL V.3), and available at OFSET's Debian repository.
Here is a list of published Freeduc-USB releases.

The nice stick in its magnetic box

OFSET's USB stick