Freeduc Auto-Multiple-Choice

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Features the package auto-multiple-choice. It allows you to create paper exercises with replies based on multiple-choices, which can be scored automatically with an optical scanner. To deploy the appliance you need locally a computer hooked to a printer and a scanner (or a composite peripheral with both features). See Framasoft's article about auto-multiple-choice: « des vacances pour les enseignants ! ».

For other Freeduc-USB sticks and more general features, see Freeduc-USB.

the stick and its magnetic box

How to get a Freeduc-AMC stick

write to the mailing list, with the subject « Freeduc-AMC wanted »

Snapshots of the appliance

The boot menu

Extlinux boot

During the boot stage

During the boot stage

The desktop

the desktop

Auto-multiple-choice with a project loaded

auto-multiple-choice with a project loaded

Verifying the layouts

verifying the layouts

Edition of an exercise sheet

edition of an exercise

Do not forget to shutdown before removing the USB stick

Do not forget to shutdown before removing the USB stick

Snaphost of the shutdown stage

snapshot of the shutdown

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