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Freeduc-WIMS features the service Wims. logo Wims

This appliance is a web service, which can be found on many public servers, like Université Paris-Sud, which provides to its users tens of thousands inline exercises, with on-the-fly changed contents, every time one gets an exercise.

Why a web service from a USB stick?

Embedding a complex web service on such a fragile component laike a USB stick may look ridiculous, and as a matter of fact it would be a nonsense to run such a service for thounsands of users, when such an unprotected device is in use.

However, installng WIMS on a USB stick is technically possible, for the following reasons:

What to do with WIMS on a USB stick?

When we can have a WIMS service inside our pocket, ready to run on any machine, here is what we can do:

For other USB sticks with more general profiles, see Freeduc-USB.

the stick and its magnetic box

How to get a Freeduc-WIMS USB stick

Just go to the download page: Knowims has been released recently in February 2024 (24.02).

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